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Tag archives for Gamma Ray Astronomy

Chasing Gamma-Ray Bursts At Top Speed

[removed] … ESOcast 25: Chasing Gamma-Ray Bursts at Top Speed – The VLT’s Rapid Response Mode. This video podcast …409


Exploring Space Lecture: Gamma Ray Bursts and the Birth of Black Holes

Neil Gehrels, chief, Astroparticle Physics Laboratory, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center, is principal investigator for the SWIFT gamma-ray burst MIDEX …4850


Mega Disasters Gamma Ray Bursts

Scientists at the University of Kansas believe gamma ray bursts were responsible for a great mass extinction on Earth 450 million years ago. The gamma rays …2696


7 Billion Year old Gamma Ray Mega Blast reaches Earth

A long time ago in a galaxy half the universe away, a flood of high-energy gamma rays began its journey to Earth. When they arrived in April, NASA’s Fermi …191


Nine years of physics with the MAGIC gamma ray telescopes (Juan Cortina)

During the past nine years the MAGIC telescope at the island of La Palma have explored the Very High Energy gamma ray sky with unprecedented sensitivity.3777


Gamma-Ray Burst Model (HD)

Gamma-ray bursts that are longer than two seconds are caused by the detonation of a rapidly rotating massive star at the end of its life on the main sequence.31


Mysterious Gamma-Rays at Galactic Center Baffle Astronomers

[removed] Article in english: [removed] Articolo in italiano: …209


Gamma-Ray Blazars Powered By 'Supersized' Black Holes Found | Video

Using the Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescopes, astronomers found 5 early universe gamma-ray blazars. Two of them were powered by “billion-solar-mass” …151


NASA | Fermi discovers giant gamma-ray bubbles in the Milky Way

Using data from NASA’s Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope, scientists have discovered a gigantic, mysterious structure in our galaxy. This never-before-seen …93


LMC P3 – the first gamma-ray binary discovered in another galaxy

LMC P3 is the first gamma-ray binary system found in another galaxy and the most luminous such system known in gamma rays, X-rays, radio waves and visible …90