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Tag archives for Observational Astronomy

Fremont Peak Observatory (Guy w/comp telescope)

Videocast provided by Emoze’s Live on YouTube 1.7.11445 [removed]1489


Observational Astronomy '17 | Field Trip at Kitt Peak National Observatory | Columbia University

Field trip at Kitt Peak National Observatory in Tucson Arizona. This trip was part of our Observational Astronomy class taught by Dr. David Schiminovich at …270


Summer Solstice- astronomical observations in Kromer

21st June 2016- astronomical observations carried out by Erasmus+ team in Kromer School, Gorlice. A must- see! In the film you can learn how to carry out …227


Astronomy Club of Tulsa

If you love to look up at the heavens or just want to know more about our place in the universe, there is a club for you right here in Tulsa.157


Sidewalk Astronomy Observation Spot at Bishan Park

This is our favourite observation spot for sidewalk astronomy (aka public outreach) in Bishan Park. Great eastern, northern and western view of the sky. Big, long …120


astronomical observation

I make a quick vlog on the angle of the sun.104


Galileo Astronomy Observations Parallax

This video briefly discusses astronomy observations made around 1600, especially Galileo’s observations of the Moon, Jupiter’s Satellites, and the phases of …604


Brother Guy Consolmagno SJ – Keynote Address: "Astronomy, God, and the Search for Elegance"

This is the keynote address by Brother Guy Consolmagno SJ, Director of the Vatican Observatory and President of the Vatican Observatory Foundation, at the …5436


The Observational Amateur Astronomer The Patrick Moore Practical Astronomy Series



The Most Important Astronomical Observation

This is a project for AST202, in which I discuss the most important astronomical observation and the effects it has had in the grand scheme of things. Works Cited …121