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Astronomie Radio Astronomy The Sound of Space Cosmos

symphonie cosmique trops bruiante.115


Distributed data processing using Spark in Radio Astronomy



Earth's largest radio telescope — ALMA | Tony Beasley | TEDxCharlottesville

Anthony (Tony) Beasley became the Director of the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO) on 21 May 2012. He succeeded Fred K.Y. Lo, who served as …1169


Institute of Radio Astronomy – SKA Antenna

Radioastronomy is one of the fastest growing discipline of abstract science which has added to our knowledge of the Universe by the results and facts of …139


Michio Kaku Critiques Radio Astronomy

Subscribe to Cosmic TV for more great space, alien and UFO content: [removed] Radio astronomy is a subfield of astronomy that studies …164


Building a Community Radio Telescope in West Philly

For more information, please visit [removed]204


Home-Brew Amateur Radio Telescope

This is my first radio telescope project.114


Radio Astronomy – Telescope is Largest in Southern Hemisphere. Australian Diary 123

Made by The National Film Board 1963. Directed by Jack S Allan. The building of a radio telescope in Parkes, New South Wales – the largest one in the southern …183


Radio astronomy in Australia (1958)

An explanation of how a radio telescope works, and how two or more radio aerials may be linked together as an "interferometer" to pinpoint more precisely the …1056


Radio Astronomy – Our Galaxy @ 21cm

Radio Astronomy – Measurement of our Galaxy with a radiotelescope @ 21 cm (Neutral Hydrogen Line).131