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Tag archives for Radio Astronomy

Introduction to Astronomy : [Module 3] Topic 3: Radio Astronomy

In this course, you will learn: 1. How people over the ages have tried to understand the world around them 2. How we have developed our current picture of the …220


Radioastronomia – Astronarium odc. 1

Gigantyczne anteny wycelowane w niebo to jedne z najbardziej zaawansowanych i niezwykłych narzędzi w rękach naukowców. Do czego służą? Jak są …1402


PMO Workshop Sun Radio Astronomy at 12 GHz

Pine Mountain Observatory Workshop, OR, USA July 12 to 16, 2015 Itty Bitty Radio Telescope …58


PLUG: theSkyNet POGS and Radio Astronomy

Kevin Vinsen talking at the PLUG November 2013 meeting about current and upcoming radio astronomy in WA and elsewhere, and its distributed computing …4712


Antenna for solar radio astronomy

Observatorio Astronómico Nacional de Colombia [removed] Group of Solar Astrophysics (GoSA) …18


Woody Sullivan :: "The Beginnings of Radio Astronomy around the World"

Speaker: Woody Sullivan Title: The Beginnings of Radio Astronomy around the World A Workshop on the History of Canadian Radio Astronomy Date: July 25, …3481


A history of radio astronomy at Bell Labs, Holmdel by Bob Wilson

Bob Wilson gave a talk on the history of radio astronomy at Bell Labs, Holmdel, NJ, at CfA 4 June 2015. Topics included the discovery of cosmic radio emission …3639


NEAF2016: Spider230 amateur radio telescope and radio astronomy book

Filippo (PrimaLuceLab) and Farah (Woodland Hills Camera & Telescopes) talking about the Spider230 #radiotelescope on equatorial mount and …70


Early Radio Astronomy and the Pigeon Problem – Professor Ian Morison

In the early days of Radio Astronomy, major advances and discoveries were made in spite of the radio astronomer’s great nemesis; the pigeon. This is an extract …155


Astronomy & Space | Radio Astronomy

Eighty Two years ago American astronomer Karl Jansky constructed the world’s first radio telescope and discovered radio waves coming from the Milky Way, …1773