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Astronomy for Astrologers, Part 1

Explanation of the astronomical foundations of astrology. This tutorial video was designed for astrologers but anyone interested in an introduction to positional …1949


Tutorial – Astronomy for Beginners – 1 – Introduction

what does astronomy mean?251


Southern Calif Astronomy Exposition July 25, 2015

SCAE is a great Astronomy Festival held annually @ OPT Telescopes in Oceanside California. This event show cases new equipment from many different Astro …219


Capturing the Cosmos – Beginner DSLR Night Sky Photography by PhotographingSpace.com

CHECK OUT THE UPDATED VIDEO! Right here: [removed] SIGN UP! and we’ll send you our weekly astrophotography …4278


Metallica – Astronomy [Synthesia Tutorial]

How to play Piano Cover metallica astronomy MIDI Instrumental Soundtrack ——————————————————————— ➫ Other Popular Songs …416


Lecture Tutorials for Introductory Astronomy 2nd Edition



Tutorial: scikit-learn – Machine Learning in Python with Contributor Jake VanderPlas

In this video tutorial from PyData Workshop, Jacob VanderPlas is going to give you an overview of machine learning in Python using scikit-learn. He’ll talk about …4521


Astrophotography 101: How to take single pictures of the night sky? TUTORIAL – 4K

In this tutorial brought to you by AMP&F, I am covering the very basics of astrophotography to help you shoot the night sky in a single shot. Everyone owning a …1171


Astronomy Shed Out Takes 2

Some out takes from my tutorials.46


ASCOM Driver tutorial for Arduino Astronomy Hardware using Visual Studio

A tutorial for writing ASCOM drivers in Visual Studio for telescope and astronomy hardware which is controlled by an Arduino. Please view in 1080 HD and full …1817