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ASCOM Driver tutorial for Arduino Astronomy Hardware using Visual Studio

A tutorial for writing ASCOM drivers in Visual Studio for telescope and astronomy hardware which is controlled by an Arduino. Please view in 1080 HD and full …1817


PHD Basics Part #1

Part 1 covers basic settings on PHD2 Part 2 covers calibration, drift alignment, reading the graph, and tweaking settings for given conditions. It can be seen here: …2059


Jake VanderPlas: PCA (principal component analysis) tutorial for Astronomy in python

Tutorial by Jake VanderPlas at the ESAC Data Analysis and Statistics Workshop 2014.841


Introductory Astronomy: Comparing Photographic Spectrum to Spectral Curve

Video lecture on how to interpret a star’s photographic spectrum, and how it compares to the star’s spectral curve. This video is intended as an introduction to the …412


Astrology Lesson #1

With the help of 3-D motion graphics, Astrologer Jon Stevens explains the rationale behind astrology and how the astrological chart system came into use.287


What to do before night in astronomy – astrophotography ( How to setup )

TURN ON FULL HD ————————————————————- ▻ Thanks for coming, leave a like if you want and subscribe for more! ▻ If you want me to …670


Introductory Astronomy: Different Types of Spectra

Video lecture discussion the different types of spectra possible in astronomy.313


Terrestrial/Celestial Spheres Coordinate Systems Tutorial

This video explains the coordinate systems used in celestial navigation, with an overview of the terrestrial and celestial spheres. This video is part of a series that …251


How to play ASTRONOMY by BLUE OYSTER CULT on guitar by Mike Gross

This is a guitar lesson on how to play "Astronomy" by "Blue Oyster Cult" taught & instructed by professional guitar instructor Mike Gross from …242


Star Hopping #7 – Telescopes for Beginners, Part 1

Check out our Website at [removed] ! In this Star Hopping Extra, we will start a two-part series of tutorial videos to explain how to buy Telescopes for …604

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