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Tag archives for Ultraviolet Astronomy

Dr. George Carruthers

The Office of Naval Research and the Naval Research Laboratory honor Dr. George Carruthers whose groundbreaking work in far ultraviolet astronomy led to a …167


Teach Astronomy – Space Astronomy

[removed] For all regions of the electromagnetic spectrum where radiation does not penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere, astronomy must be …74


Tour of the EMS 06 Ultraviolet Waves (Sóng cực tím)

Năm 1801 nhà khoa học người Đức Johann Wilhelm Ritter , sau khi nghe tin về sự phát hiện ra tia hồng ngoại năm 1800, đã dự đoán rằng có một loại tia nào…221


Ultraviolet Universe

About 200000 light-years away, two small and misshapen galaxies orbit our own. Known as the Large and Small Magellenic Clouds, or LMC and SMC for short, …273


Ultraviolet Stellar Spectra and Related Ground Based Observations International Astronomical Union S



Mars in ultraviolet seen by MAVEN

NASA’s Mars Atmosphere and Volatile Evolution (MAVEN) mission observed Mars in ultraviolet between 9-10 July 2016. The movie uses four images taken by …64


Ultraviolet Sun

For education purposes: A video of the Sun in extreme ultraviolet wavelengths. Notice how Sun changes in time as it goes through the 11 year activity cycle.51


Let the Light In

Directed by Gabriel Schwebel © 2014 Ultraviolet Astronomy.251


Ultraviolet View of Sun Plasma

A blob of solar plasma that rose up above the Sun for about 40 hours found itself being pulled this way and that by powerful magnetic forces before it finally fell …18


Two filaments Break Away

Over just half a day, two solar filaments broke free from the Sun and erupted into space (July 19, 2015). The upper one broke first, sending dark plasma down …15