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Tag archives for X-ray Astronomy

NASA | A Young Star Flaunts its X-ray Spots

Using combined data from a trio of orbiting X-ray telescopes, including NASA’s Chandra X-ray Observatory and the Japan-led Suzaku satellite, astronomers …92


Teach Astronomy – X-Ray Clustered Gas

[removed] It was a surprise to astronomers twenty or so years ago when clusters of galaxies began to be detected in significant numbers in …64


Astrophysical X-ray source – Video Learning – WizScience.com

"Astrophysical X-ray sources" are astronomical objects with physical properties which result in the emission of X-rays. There are a number of types of …173


X-Ray Astronomy lecture segment14.avi

Lecture on "Celestial photons at high energies" by Prof. P. C. Agrawal, Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai, as a part of the Summer online …191


X-ray astronomy

X-ray astronomy X-ray astronomy is an observational branch of astronomy which deals with the study of X-ray observation and detection from astronomical …1399


Coolest X-Ray Satellite

Coolest X-Ray Satellite.2197


Chandra, Not Your Backyard Telescope

X-ray telescopes like Chandra are not like the telescopes you find in backyards or at the local observatory. In addition to being above the Earth’s atmosphere, …345


NASA Scientist Talks About Mission to Explore Hidden Details of Cosmic X-rays

NASA has selected a science mission that will allow astronomers to explore, for the first time, the hidden details of some of the most extreme and exotic …63


ScienceCasts: Big Mystery in the Perseus Cluster

Visit [removed] for more. A mysterious X-ray signal from the Perseus cluster of galaxies, which researchers say cannot be explained by known …223


4 Great Observatiories – NASA 1986 – Space Exploration History

4 Great Observatiories Extract from "Space Works 5" (NASA 1986) Space Exploration History Full Space Works episode: – coming soon- Space Works playlist: …339