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Tag archives for X-ray Astronomy

Perseus cluster X-ray Mystery

A mysterious X-ray signal from the Perseus cluster of galaxies, which researchers say cannot be explained by known physics, could be a key clue to the nature …214


X線天文衛星ASTRO-H – 熱い宇宙の中を観る – / The X-ray astronomy satellite – Insight into the Hot Universe

宇宙…静かで、冷たい空間。本当にそうだろうか? この夜空の奥にある激動に満ちた熱い宇宙の姿を、X線で解き明かすため、ASTRO-Hは飛び立つ。…426


Chandra X-ray Observatory – Episode 1

Beyond the Light: Seeing is believing and what we observe stargazing or looking at photographs convinces us it’s real. But there’s more to the universe than …216


A Lecture in Progress in the Conference "Hard X-ray Astronomy: Astrosat and Beyond"

Hard X-ray Astronomy: Astrosat and Beyond A topical conference International Center, Goa September 24-26, 2014.259


History of X-ray astronomy – Video Learning – WizScience.com

The "history of X-ray astronomy" begins in the 1920s, with interest in short wave communications for the U.S. Navy. This was soon followed by extensive study of …151


Mystery over fate of X-Ray astronomy satellite

Japanese scientists are trying to figure out what happened to their X-ray astronomy satellite after it failed to communicate with Earth this past weekend, and has …98


NASA Astronomy Vide: Chandra X-ray Observatory | A Tour of Jupiter

A new study using data from Chandra X-ray Observatory has shown that storms from the Sun are triggering auroras in X-ray light. Bringing you the BEST Space …129


X-ray astronomy satellites – Video Learning – WizScience.com

"X-ray astronomy satellites" study X-ray emissions from celestial objects. Satellites, which can detect and transmit data about the X-ray emissions are deployed …140


pH Lecture: Pushing the Boundaries of X-ray Astronomy and Optics Technology



What is X-ray Astronomy?

In this clip from "Building the Coolest X-ray Satellite," Dr. Kim Weaver explains what x-ray astronomy is.52